Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Request for Your Prayers

I believe in the power of prayer! I ask you for yours for my Granddaughter, Samantha Jean. Right about now, she is at the Hospital in Buffalo, N.Y. having an EEG, a brain scan test.
My son Bill, Samantha's father, has told me they are not sure why she "Spaces out." They are not sure why her speech is delayed. When she has these episode's, she sits and stares and often her arms and legs are moving but he says it's not really like a seizure.
I pray right here, right now, that not a thing is wrong with my Grandbaby. I pray if there is, The Great Physician heals her, as I know He can. Let it be, that she is a deep thinker, like her Grandma Babs and just gets excited about it from time to time. My Heavenly Father is an awesome God and I believe all this. I ask for your prayers for Samantha and your agreement in prayer. Amen


shane said...

you have it. i will pray for your granbaby.

Babsbitchin said...

Shane, I am grateful for you today. Big hugs buddy! Thanks!