Monday, November 20, 2006


If you don't know it already, I moved to Long Island, because of my health and to help my Sister with her her son, Ryan. At 5 years old, Ryan is full of spunk but is often chaotic. He has Autism. He is a loving little boy in a frustrated world of little speech and communication. It is a hard day sometimes but I have to wonder if his days are often harder than mine. I have hope for Ryan, he is as brilliant, like a star in the Heavenly skies. He is often in his own world but throughout the day, I am given, like a present, a glimpse into his world. Autistic children are often known for not being very affectionate but not Ryan. His kisses and hugs sustain me and when he calls out,"B,"what he calls me, it is yet, another gift.
My Sister sent me a video, a song for Autism awareness. I challenge you to not watch it and not get a lump in your throat. I had a tear in my eye.
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This is a repost...

I have moved here on Long Island to help my sister with my nephew, Ryan who is 4 years old and has Autism. A pleasant child, he is bright, extremely clever but locked away in a world I cannot reach. His vocabulary is very limited, thus he often becomes frustrated as I myself would if I could not explain my emotion, pain, joy or ask the million questions he must have. Does he take things at face value? Does he want to be uncommunicative? Is he content to live in his little world? He often laughs for what seems for no reason, he giggles and plays in his own little slice of heaven. I often believe he is entertained by Angels. I think he sees them and as he looks off into the distance, he sees something very interesting with a gleam in his eye. I think they play with him and he's quite content to be left alone. He doesn't fancy the therapy he must go through five days a week. He really would rather be left alone when his speech therapist comes three nights a week. But he has, for the most part, a content spirit. But we will push him and prod him to get the language skills, We will push to get him to recognize the things he needs to do for himself and to see or understand what is going on in the world. You rarely get eye contact but when he looks in to your eyes, it is without a doubt a connecting of souls, a brush with heaven. His smile is so warm and inviting, just as his laughter is contagious and goes straight to the warmest recesses of your own heart. He is rarely content to sit idly by and listen to you read a story from one of his children's books. He will watch a few programs on T.V. But often looses interest after a short period of time. He comes and gets me when he needs me and we wrestle and play but when he's done, he goes off on his next little adventure, until he needs my attention or wants something. But why would he do anything else...when he can play with Angels!!


Chuck said...

thanks for posting a picture, i've often wondered what he looked like, he's a nice looking boy isn't he, i used to work with a few people that had autism but they were quite a bit older and so set in their ways. he kind of resembles your boys.

Babsbitchin said...

chuck, he's a really cute bugger and he does have the family resemblance. He looks a lot like my bro Mike, when he was little. That's an old pic, from a previos post, too but he's a hellion, a handful and a heartfill!