Friday, August 11, 2006


This is a wonderful song. And I can only imagine, myself, what will I do? Will I fall down in shame or be greeted as a bratty daughter? I tend to believe the latter. This video is dedicated to two good men, Chuck and Shane.


Chuck said...

babs - you know about the friend of mine's mother who is in the hospital and i thought we had lost her at one time? she is still hanging on.

she has sent me many positive and uplifting e-mails. she sent this song to me a while back (so did another friend) on a morning that i was not doing very well at all, i cried when i heared it, i don't think that it was the song so much but it was just that her timing was perfect, i still have it on my computer and i have it on my other blog, also my sister had me burning her some cd's and it was on her list of songs that she wanted, she didn't even know that i knew what it was, and now you've posted it and dedicated it to me and shane, pretty cool huh? why do you suppose this song keeps popping up so much? thaks lady, xoxo

shane said...

i think this songs pops up because of it's message. thank you. very cool. we have a radio station [rhema] and they play this all the time. i often go to sleep with this song playing as well. just sometimes, life can be real good. have an extraordinarily good day.

Babsbitchin said...

Chuck, I think about you when I hear this song and that's why I put it up.I don't know why I think about you when I hear it but I do and I think about Shane too. But it's good thoughts memories and OUR faith that keep that little piece of happiness, that reminder when I hear that song.

Shane, you're right. Life can be really good. It's when it's not that a song, such as this one can touch our souls. That's what it does for me.