Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Every day something happens that we see as everyday happenstance, but is it? If we look for the miracles and see things through the eyes of a wise child, we will begin to see.As adults, we tend to lose faith, we tend to explain things away as luck, magic, coincidence or just a plain old situation. Stop it!! There is no such thing as luck, coincidence or magic and as an adult, it is hard to fathom that you as an adult still believe in it.
What if you began to see, absolutely every single thing in your life as divine destiny? What if you began to see that God has his hand upon every single thing that happens to you. As a believ
er, you should know this but our worldly ways and Satan would prefer us to see things differently than we should see them.That time you were ALMOST killed, was not just chance. That time you met that person who became your friend and was there for you at that very moment when you needed a friend most, was not just chance. The very fact that you go through and grow through everything you do is divine destiny. The comfort you find through certain things people say to you, through scripture, through family, it is devine destiny. Watching as a loved one perishes is divine destiny, watching as those around us suffer, is divine destiny. We must look for the reason, search for the truth, find that piece of the puzzle, that small piece we get every time we learn from something. Then, we take that piece that fits in to the Big Picture and put it in place and we see more. we see a glimpse of heaven. We see a glimpse of the meaning of life, we see what divine destiny is.You went through that terrible episode in your life to give you strength and to give you the empathy you need when that one person walks up to you and needs to hear your story, or a ray of hope.Now, here's another piece to your puzzle.
This is a story most would overlook.Most would see it as coincedence or luck. I see it as a miracle cause I'm in search of miracles. My own life has been full of them and I'm just now seeing it. What about you? Do you have miracles, you've been explaining away. It's Divine Destiny that this woman is alive read the story and you tell me...
A driver who suffered a heart attack and crashed into a guardrail was saved by a defibrillator salesman and two nurses who happened to be apssing by. The salesman, Steve Earle, was transporting an automated external defibrillator, a device used to shock the heart into a normal rhythm.

When I saw what was happening, I jumped out and instinctively grabbed the AED, just in case,'' Earle told KSDK-TV of St. Louis.
Two nurses who also stopped when they saw the wreck Friday evening began performing CPR on the driver, Caroly
n Holt. The defibrillator restored her pulse, and Holt was recovering in a hospital this week.
''Two RNs, a man that was able to get her out of the vehicle, the man with the AED — that just doesn't happen,'' said Mary Blome, one of the nurses.


Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Post Easter Questions?????

You profess this faith but...would you die for Him?
You profess this faith but...would you allow your child to be killed because of your faith?
You profess this faith but... could you stand by, as Mary did, and watch as they torture and kill the child which came from your womb, in the name of your faith?
You profess this faith you turn your nose up at those with less than yourselves, whether it be physically, monetary, sanity, worldly or even faith?
You profess this faith but...did you pick up the cross in this day and help carry the burden?
You profess such faith but would you DIE for Him?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

So Grateful For Family

Watch this Kodak commercial with my family here.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


PSALM 90:15

So, you've suffered. We all suffer. I questioned my faith in an unusual way today. I cried out,"so what's the point in having faith, if your prayers don't get answered and why have faith if bad things keep happening. I mean after all you tend to get fed up after a while and begin to think, ok where is my God? Sometimes, I stomp my boots like an ungrateful child and that's exactly what I did today. I could hear a mocking voice in my head, "So, you have faith but what for?" I heard it over and over. Then, I realized it wasn't my voice, the voice I hear in my head, nor was it the Spirit. This awareness comes from a learned experiance with the Lord of Lies, Satan. The good part is, although it took me a minute, I realized that it was in fact Satan trying his damnedest to discourage me. So, what am I grateful for today? I'm grateful that I am able to tell that voice IS Satan and I can tell him to go back where he belongs. What are you grateful for?