Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Every single day I walk the line between good and evil, slapped around sometimes by hurt and shame.Although I'm still very,"STREET," I still strive to be a good person. Every day I get stronger and as I learn new things, I try to incorporate them into my life. Easier said than done. One of my famous quotes is, "while you can take a person off the street, it's extremely hard to take the street off the person." Meaning, that most of us who were criminals and addicts have to have serious behavior modification. When you get clean, you still have addictive behavior and habits. You can only stay cleaan if you are able to realize this. Most of all though, and I don't care what anybody says, there is a constant war for some of us between good and evil. But when I go into battle or feel it coming on, I try to listen to this song by Mindy Smith called, "Come to Jesus." I've even noticed when I'm in that inner turmoil, I'll see the song on my play list but will purposely bypass it. That's Satan, straight up, telling me, You don't wanna hear that crap." But let me tell you something...few songs such as this have ever made me FEEL the Holy Spirit, walk right up, grab me by the hand and say, "Come to Jesus, let Him hold you in His arms."

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