Monday, January 02, 2006

Are You Grateful In All Things!?

It occured to me that things began to change in my life when I became truly grateful. I took for granted all that I had and although it wasn't always alot I didn't appreciate, " my stuff," till it was taken from me. I was finally stripped of everything and everybody when I went to prison. Anything I had I earned at .18 an hour. OK, so you don't really want to hear the prison blues and I can't blame you but I want to ask you one question? Are you grateful in ALL things?

I often repeat myself but when I find life changing secrets I tend to want to share them. I'm not the brightest bulb in the neon light but every now and then God allows me to see the light, a brighter light. I realized that things were put into perspective for me when I no longer believed in luck, magic or coincidence. My life was like putting this huge puzzle together. Incidents and accidents were no longer happenstance.The people I'd meet were for a reason. The things I endured all through my life were for a reason,whether to learn empathy, compassion or restraint, it was always for a reason.People were placed in my path for a reason and I in theirs. As I began to see this and began to apply this bit of understanding to my everyday life it was like putting that giant puzzle together. I began to see glimpses of, "THE BIG PICTURE." Once I implimented this strategy it was like a domino effect. I started to also see how even the little things can mean so much.The things I once took for granted were slowly given back to me or I was delivered from them and realized I didn't need that anymore. This applied to my state of mind, my life as well as physical things and possessions. I also began to see how God works in my life even on a small scale. I could tell you a million examples but suffice it to say I am grateful in all things, a well rounded cup of gratitude. What are you grateful for?

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Gift said...

I am grateful for this day.