Thursday, December 01, 2005


It hasn't always been this good in my life especially when it came to my relationship with my family. But as the years have worn on as well as myself, maturity has rounded things to the highest power. My mother and me. It was a terrible struggle. She was strict and I thought she hated me. I, in return learned to really dislike her. We did more than bump heads, we fought tooth and nail. She was a taskmaster, I was a lazy kid. She believed in all things practice makes perfect, I believed in winging it. We're still different yet so much alike. In so many ways I am now grateful for the discipline she instilled although I took years to allow it to download into my brain. Her strength, I inherited, took me through some of the roughest times a person will ever know. I now believe that all that I went through brought me to this point today, the point where I can say I really love,like and value my Mom and my family. I thank God for the gift of endurance and strength, even when I didn't think I could muster the faith to get through another day. For all this and more I am grateful. WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR?


Batya Ruth Wootten said...

I take exception. You were never "lazy," perhaps hardheaded, like your mother, but never lazy.
You were a good kid, but life messed with your head.
You asked "what are you grateful for?"
I am grateful for you.
The older I get the more I realize that the greatest gift in life is to have your child share your faith, to know that, in the Messiah, you will be together forever.
I love you,

Babsbitchin said...

Amen Mama, Amen!!