Friday, December 09, 2005


Psalm 19:12-14

Well folks, they handed down the verdict...I'm a sinner. Each and every day I stand a real good chance of sinning and,"the wages of sin is death."

What can I do? Is there any point in trying? I believe that there is. Why? because Christ Yeshua died on that cross for me and MY sin. Now, knowing this does not give me a license to sin. No, in fact it holds me accountable.

Each and every day and every single night I go to my heavenly Father and ask him once again to wipe the slate clean.
But you can't go to him with lip service because he knows your heart, he knows your sincerity.

We all make mistakes, we all sin but the secret is to try harder to be more like Christ; to treat others as we want to be treated, to forgive as we would want to forgive, to judge as we would want to be judged and have charity for our fellow man. Now, charity and love are one and the same, if you have you should give and always try to see others through God's eyes.

I am three people;

I am who you think I am,

I am who I think I am,

I am who GOD knows I am.

Now, this is pretty basic stuff most of us learned in Sunday school. But how easy we forget these simple rules, how easy we find it to be unforgiving and scornful.
How easy is it to look down your nose at someone else when you know not the root of their reason. And how very easy is it to be selfish. Selfish with our money, time, love, concern, prayers and we find it so easy to be detached and not care.

We don't have time to feel someone else's pain. We don't have time to pray for
that junkie in the street. But we find the time to look down our nose at them. I truly believe with every ounce of my being that if Christ were to walk down the street and see some homeless guy panhandling, I don't think he would yell at him to,"get a job," do you?

Just as well, I don't believe Christ would be hanging out at the Country Club schmoozing and hobnobbing with the rich and talking about his new BMW. Quite frankly, I believe he would be on the streets and in the bars or outside of them trying to help and heal the truly sick, lost souls out there.
Ah, the vastness of the sick and lost and if you were to only open your eyes, you would see them.

I've made so many mistakes and bad choices in my life but I know that God never deserted me through it all. How do I know this? I know because he allowed me to learn from my mistakes. At that point they are no longer mistakes but,

"learning experiences."

Yes, I was humbled when I was arrogant. I was taught empathy when I had none. I was taught to appreciate things when I was stripped of all my worldly possessions. I had to learn all about my false pride and self-will. I had to learn understanding of that which is not known.

I was stripped of my dignity but given a humble blanket to wrap up in. I was given what I needed but not what I wanted in every respect of my life. I was sentenced to death with Hep C but was given a stay of execution. I was taught that you can't
put off getting your affairs in order with Christ Yeshua by waiting till the 11th hour when I almost died at 10:30. But most of all when I had no one,nothing,
nada I was given the greatest gift of all...Faith.


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